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Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and its Automation

1. Training Objectives

Master the basic knowledge of natural science, humanities and social science, engineering science, master the basic theories, methods and technologies of mechanical design, mechanical manufacturing, transmission and control, etc. through systematic mechanical engineering practice training, have the ability and practical skills of product design, manufacturing, control, inspection, etc., have good professional quality, international vision, have innovation and entrepreneurship ability and awareness of lifelong learning, application and innovation talents who can be engaged in product design and manufacturing, technology development, engineering application, production management, technical service and other work in the field of equipment manufacturing industry and geological and mineral industry, can be competent for the post of Mechanical Engineer within five years after graduation and become the technical or management backbone of the unit.

2. Professional Characteristics

With the characteristics of industrial and mining equipment, this major cultivates the applied innovative talents with the ability to engage in the design, manufacturing, testing, scientific and technological development and operation management of mechanical products in the field of modern equipment manufacturing, serving the regional economy and the geological and mineral industry.

Electrical Engineering and its Automation

1. Training Objectives

This major is in line with the training of international electrical engineering talents. It adopts a variety of international advanced teaching modes to cultivate students’ basic knowledge of advanced mathematics, engineering mathematics and physics ; the basic knowledge of engineering graphics, computer , control, electrical and electronic engineering; the professional knowledge of electrical engineering and its control technology; the professional technology and practical ability of electrical engineering, and rich in people Cultural literacy and innovation and entrepreneurship development spirit, with an international vision of the electrical industry, able to track the forefront of technical research in this field, and have the ability of cross field communication and exchange, able to spread Chinese culture in depth, able to be engaged in operation and maintenance, design and manufacturing, analysis and research in the power system, motor and electrical appliances, power electronics and their control areas. After graduation, the students will have the following abilities:

1Be competent for the commissioning, operation and maintenance of the power system, and have the engineering and technical ability to solve the abnormal operation and failure of the power system;

2Be competent in the engineering design, manufacturing and testing of electrical equipment, and have the ability to solve complex engineering problems in the process of work;

3Be competent for the analysis, research and development of electrical control system, and have the ability to solve complex engineering problems in the development process;

4 Be able to actively participate in professional development, adjust and update core knowledge and ability, continue to learn, and commit to solving cutting-edge engineering and social problems;

5Be able to adapt to the change of technology and management and the changing environment , be competent for technical innovation and engineering management, and commit to self entrepreneurship.

2. Professional Characteristics

We will train the international talents who are innovative in application, cross-cultural survival and competition, who combine strong and weak electricity, equipment and system, theory and practice, serve all aspects of the power system and the field of electrical engineering in the field of geology and mining, and have the ability of professional technology and innovative practice in electrical engineering.

Computer Science and Technology

1. Training Objectives

This major cultivates international vision, sense of social responsibility, professional ethics and good humanities literacy, systematically grasps the basic theory of computer system and the professional knowledge of computer software and hardware system design and development, has the engineering practice ability of applying the theoretical knowledge of mathematics, natural science, computer science and technology to solve complex engineering problems, and is engaged in computer engineering technical research and project operation, maintenance and management; applied innovative international talents with team awareness, innovation awareness and lifelong learning ability. After graduation for some time, the student can be a project manager, system architect, data analyst and information department director of a multinational IT company, and become a technical backbone in this field.

2. Professional Characteristics

This major is a wide major that combines computer hardware and software, faces system and focuses on application. Through basic teaching and professional training, we will cultivate senior talents with solid basic knowledge, wide knowledge, strong engineering practice ability, pioneering and innovative consciousness and engaged in scientific research, education, development and application in the field of computer science and technology. In the training process, we pay attention to the exploration of international frontier disciplines and interdisciplinary fields, and pay attention to the training mode of complementary, mutual promotion and coordinated development of production, learning and research.


1. Training Objectives

According to the needs of foreign economic development and urban and rural construction, through architecture learning, it cultivates students of solid knowledge of humanities and social sciences, professional knowledge of architecture and design practice ability, creative thinking, open vision, sense of social responsibility and team spirit, sustainable development and cultural transmission concept, mainly engaged in architectural design in architecture design department, educational and scientific research institutions and management departments as senior professionals in architecture design, teaching and research, development and management. After graduation for some time, the student will become an applied innovative talent with both professional theoretical literacy and strong practical ability.

2. Professional Characteristics

Architecture major involves many fields such as science, engineering, literature and art. It is characterized by the combination of science and art, science and engineering and humanities. The training features of this major are as follows:

Update Features: master the development trend of architecture and the change of the field to keep pace with the development of the times.

New Technical Features: through the study of BIM and other new technology means, students can master its principle, method and how to use them before graduation, so as to adapt to the market-oriented social demand.

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